The HB Project

The HB Project

Length / 24mins

The HB Project is the first of all electronic surf video. With cameo's from from our BMX, Wake, Snow, Skate & Body Boarding team. Music by Phibosome, Pempek, Calix, Erratic & Ku Ling Bros. The HB Project bangs out some big dirty beats, so don't be scared to enter the next level of surf and street culture, HB's gone there and we're not going to wait around 4 ever.
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Directed by

Mick Waters

Production company

Hot Buttered


Joel Fitzgerald, Terry Fitzgerald, Nutty Walker, Simon Massey, Sean McGugan, Ian Castel, Poto, Reynold McQueen, Luke Banwell, Drew Ghantos, Don Tarr, Guilherme Herdy, Ringa McKinnon, Alex Leon

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