The Canadian Surfer

The Canadian Surfer

Length / 88mins

There's something brewing in Kelowna, BC that's riding the waves out to Sombrio, Tofino, and Jordan's River. From coastal BC to the Maritimes,The Canadian Surfer Movie, a film that will highlight the colourful and diverse people that make up Canadian surf culture.Carey Missler a Television and Movie Producer from the Okanagan has finished up his next project, The Canadian Surfer Movie. Over the last 2 years Carey has filmed a documentary on Canadian Surfing. The adventures took him all over Canada's west coast, and also had some filming done on the east Coast of Nova Scotia.
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Directed by

Carey Missler

Production company

DCD Productions

Cinematography by

Carey Missler


Raph Bruhwiler, Erik Hanson, Harold Sadler, Peter Devries, Randy Weflen, Carey Missler Norman Hann, Lewis Vaughan, Bob Vaughan, Bob Purdy, Jason Stang, Justin Radford, Justin Wiebe, Bradley Riemer, Logan Landry, Dean Petty, Nico Manos, Scotty Sherin, Ross Rebagliati

Known for

Extreme Cold Water Surfing

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i had no idea people surfed in Canada. great doco is The Canadian Surfer, so well done Carey.
doug Aug 2014

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