1000 Waves To Surfing Glory

1000 Waves To Surfing Glory

Length / 133mins

1000 Waves To Surfing Glory captures the essence of mainland Mexico and southern Chile and Tavarua, Fiji revealing perfect waves and high adventure. Presented in a dream like structure with no titles which lets the visual imagery speak freely to your surfing soul and wanderlust. The Endless Summer surfers have gone to far away lands as a pilgrimage in search of waves of paradise. 1000 Waves of Surfing Glory by director Joshua Pomer(The Westsiders) is a visceral and visual journey. This is what you dream about, perfect waves, high class surfing and the twist of fate that you can't predict. Light on story, high on surf action and adventure. This is 1000 Waves to Surfing Glory.
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Directed by

Josh Pomer

Production company

Josh Pomer Films

Cinematography by

Josh Pomer


Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Tom Curren, Ozzie Wright, Bruce Irons, Mick Fanning

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