Birdman Chronicles Vol 1

Birdman Chronicles Vol 1

Length / 15mins

What do you watch to get your blood pumping? What makes you so energized to take on the world? That would be "Birdman Chronicals Volume 1"! Birdman Chronicals Volume 1, is a compilation of team riders from Hawaiian Pro Design, ranging from high performance tail surfers (Kaitlin Maguire, Kai Salas...) to single fin nosesliders (Noah Shimabukuro, Tommy Witt...). Check it out, and get your stoke on! yewww!
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Directed by

Taylor Larison

Produced by

Taylor Larison

Production company

Birdman Media

Cinematography by

Taylor Birdman larison


Mike Stidham, Kaimana Takayama, Kai Salas, Tory Gilkerson, Brendan White, Kaitlin Maguire, Devon Howard, Noah Shimabukuro, Tommy Witt, Josh Constable

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