Alaska Sessions

Alaska Sessions

Length / 87mins

When Mike McCune turned 50, he suddenly realized he needed to do something special and important, having thrown everything at building a successful business he was tired and smoking two packs a day what began as an endeavour to get fit, turned into a passion that led to Mike sell his house, buy an old fishing boa,t and having the surf adventure of a lifetime Set in the Gulf of Alaska, along an isolated and scenically spectacular winter coastline, Alaska Sessions is an original surf film that captures a soulful search for undiscovered waves
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Directed by

Frederick Dickerson, Mathew McNeill

Production company

Alaska Sessions

Cinematography by

Frederick Dickerson, Mathew McNeill


Scott Dickerson, Stephanie Dickerson, Donna Rae Faulkner, Mike McCune, Wendy McCune, Frederick Dickerson, Mathew McNeill

Known for

Alaska Surifng Adventure, Selection into Wavescape Surf Film Festival, and Anchorage International Film Festival.

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