Between the Lines

Between the Lines

Length / 53mins

BETWEEN THE LINES delves into the lives of two surfers who chose opposite paths, Pat Farley and Brant Page. Pat Farley, a heavy combat vet, volunteered for service in Vietnam and was discharged with a full psychiatric pension. Conversely, Brant Page evaded the draft and fled to the surf rich Hawaiian Islands where he was unceasingly pursued and eventually arrested by the FBI. While following the lives of these two surfers the film chronicles the impact of the Vietnam War on the surfing lifestyle. From the peaceful shores of Hawaii to the canopy jungles of Vietnam, BETWEEN THE LINES excavates the surfing cultures response to an extraordinary circumstance.
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Directed by

Ty Ponder

Produced by

Ty Ponder


Pat Farley and Brant Page

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A great film looking at a rare part of surfing history but more importantly giving a very raw look at the impact of combat on those who experience it. The music is sweet, too.
Geoff Mar 2017

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