Length / 62mins

An exploration of unique minds in surfing. Idiosyncrasies presents an exploration of some truly unique minds, revealing what's behind the impact of some of surfing's most influential underground individuals. Through their art and music, surf craft and lifestyle choices, Patrick Trefz offers an intimate look into the vital and intriguing lives of these iconoclasts ranging from twenty-year old Leann Curren to sixty-one year old Harbor Bill Mulcoy. Idiosyncrasies reveals its subjects' unique characteristics as they manifest both on land and in the water.
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Directed by

Patrick Trefz

Produced by

Patrick Trefz

Production company

Patrick Trefz

Cinematography by

Patrick Trefz


Richard Kenvin, Andrew Kidman, Lance Ebert, Christian Beamish, Tom Curren, Pat Curren, Leeann Curren, Bill Mulcoy, Josh Mulcoy, Paul Brewer, Jay Kreugner, Joe Jones, Danny Knapp, Mike Wellman

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