The Granite Stoke

The Granite Stoke

Length / 40mins

New Hamshire is not known for its waves but a vibrant surfing community calls this 13 miles coastline home.



Directed by

Dylan Ladds & Ryan Scura

Production company



Skip Brunette, Dave Cropper, Melissa Dee Phipps, Michael Emery, Max Fatello, Ralph Fatello, Quentin Goble, Kevin Grondin, Casey Lockwood, Shawn MacDonald, Carl Mahlstedt, Casey Mullen, Erica Nardone, Mat Nardone, Brian Nevins, Lenny Nichols, Ed O'Connell, Mike 'Zap' Paugh, Billy Ritchie, Buck Rowlee, Mark Scura, Mike Sidebottom, Joel St. John, Jared Veltsos, Hannah Vokey, Kevin Grondin, Ralph Fatello, Casey Lockwood, Lenny Nichols, Dave Cropper, Mike 'Zap' Paugh.

Known for

New Hampshire surf community

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