Code Red Tahiti

Code Red Tahiti

Length / 29mins

Code Red Tahiti documents the biggest swell ever surfed to date in Tahiti. Featuring top pros from around the world taking on some of the gnarliest lumps of ocean ever seen. Go behind the scenes and find out from the locals and visiting surf stars what it takes to ride these freaks of nature and avoid serious injury or possible death at every turn. This is the day that changed the sport of surfing forever and pushed the limits of what was thought to be possible. Not for the faint hearted!
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there must b a few code red films. this one is not the one i was thinking of, but hey it was frighteningly good. i watched some bits over and over trying to understand how someone didnt get killed
Tash Jan 2015

Awesome flick but needs subtitles.
Stephen Jan 2017

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