El Sueno

El Sueno

Length / 33mins

“El Sueño” is a movie about Liquid Nation – surfers from all over the world, which are united and attracted by one thing: the search for their Sueño , chasing the best waves, they travel from one place to another, living their dream. Showing a real life, the movie absorbs and encourages the audience to embark on the great adventure of surfing..
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Directed by

Kuba Łubniewski, Mikołaj Molenda

Production company

Front Brand Integrated


Maria Elena Covarrubias, Hydro Joel Sanchez, Melquiades Gil, Karolina Winkowska, Janek Korycki, Jurek Kijkowski, Marcin Jabłoski.

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???????? Love it !!!
ELizabeth Nov 2015

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