Destination 3 degrees

Destination 3 degrees

Length / 65mins

Destination 3 Degrees is a standup paddle adventure across Hawaii's legendary channels. In April 2010, Jenny Kalmbach and Morgan Hoesterey, two of the world's elite female standup paddle boarders, will make their way across each of these channels, setting competition aside to chase the ultimate prize: ocean adventure. Inspired by their love of the ocean, Destination 3 Degrees is even more than a standup paddle adventure, more than an ocean challenge, and more than two women pushing the edges of themselves and their sport, it is a way to give back.
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Directed by

Chris Aguilar

Produced by

Chris Aguilar

Production company

Soul Surf Media Productions

Cinematography by

Chris Aguilar


Morgan Hoesterey, Jenny Kalmbach, Gregg Hoesterey, Ryan Lopossa, Jennifer Holcomb

Known for

Winner SUP Movie of the Year, Standup Paddler Magazine Winner Best Action Sports Film, Alaska International Film Awards Winner Sierra Madre Award, Mountain Film Mammoth Official Selection, Santa Barbara International Film Festival Official Selection, Clean Ocean Foundation Film Festival (AUS)

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