A Hundred Miles to the End

A Hundred Miles to the End

Length / 54mins

Long Island native John Beattie was a lifelong surfer up until 2007 when he suffered a stroke. Beattie had to retire his surfboard. Instead, he picked up his camera and began to document his irrevocable love for surfing. “As a way to remain connected to the sport I love so much I began to film others surfing. I decided that I wanted to give something back to the New York surfing community for all the good times and all the people I met and places I’ve been over the years.” From Long Beach in the west to Montauk on the Eastern tip of Long Island, Beattie re-visits the places he used to surf over his 48 years of surfing and sets out on a journey to recount some of his favorite surf spots, hence the film’s title, ‘A Hundred Miles to The End’. No surf film captures that Empire State spirit better than ‘A Hundred Miles to The End’. Every New Yorker who’s made a name for him or herself over the last 50 years shows up in this emotionally riveting, artfully shot, elegantly edited, and even locally scored film. Thumping barrels, thick accents, and fierce homegrown pride make ‘A Hundred Miles to The End’ a must-see.
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Directed by

John Beattie

Produced by

John Beattie

Production company

Talmai Productions

Cinematography by

John Beattie


Balaram Stack, TJ Gumillea, Will Skudin, Leif Engstrom, Mikey DeTemple, Bruce Bailey, Josh Goetz and a host of others.

Known for

Winner of The 2013 New York Surf Film Festival ‘Viewers Choice Award’. Winner of the 2013 SMASH Surf Film Festival ‘Viewers Choice Award’. Official Selection of the New Smyrna Beach Surf Film Festival 2014. Official Selection of the East Coast Surf Film Music Festival 2014. Official Selection of the Honolulu Surf Film Festival 2014.

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