The Crew Season 2 - Ep 11

The Crew Season 2 - Ep 11

Length / 28mins

The boys are back for Season 2! In this episode the crew's hard work is seemingly starting to pay off! It's time for Richie to take the world stage in his first ever UFC debut with the boys flying in to cheer him on!


Surf / Fight / Music

Directed by

Maracrio De Souza and Michael Lawrence

Produced by

Michael Lawrence and Macario De Souza

Production company

Garage Productions & KM MVMNT

Cinematography by

Christian Whyte and Damon Banning


Mark Mathews, Richie VAS Vaculik, Macario De Souza "Kidmac", Michael Lawrence and special Guests

Known for

The TV Series spawned from The successful feature film FIGHTING FEAR

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