Attractive Distractions

Attractive Distractions

Length / 63mins

In Attractive Distractions we take 10 of the most progressive young surfers today on a journey from their hometowns to far off destinations. We were on a mission to capture surfing at its highest level from paddling Jaws at 50 feet, to airs that yet to be seen. Follow us on our adventure to beautiful destinations as we merge surfing & scenic cinematography. Highlighting a surfer’s world of Attractive Distractions and the world of emotions that it entails.
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Directed by

Albee Layer, Nancy Meola, Dan Norkunas

Produced by

Albee Layer, Nancy Meola, Dan Norkunas

Production company

Take Shelter Productions


Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Kai Barger, Clay Marzo, Nic Von Rupp, John John Florence, Ryan Hipwood, Ricardo Christie, Dege O'Connell, Tyler Larronde, Torrey Meister, Hank Gaskell

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Fuckin killa-it's movie! Killa soundtrack, killa cinematography, killa rippa shreddaZ
Ronald Oct 2015

Sick movie!
Arturo Apr 2016

Loose as a goose!
Arithon Nov 2016

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