Bundjalung: A Surfing Paradise

Bundjalung: A Surfing Paradise

Length / 20mins

Bundjalung a documentary that showcases the most perfect and famous surf spots in Australia, Snapper Rocks, Kirra, Lennox Heads, Angourie, are only a glimpse of the numerous perfect waves featured in Bundjalung. Filmed during 2 years along the two hundred kilometers of the Australian coastline this documentary portrays the most epic surf sessions ever caught on film.
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Directed by

Carlos Portella

Produced by

Carlos Portella

Production company

Working For Barrels

Known for

Australia's perfect waves and surf spots

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Great little movie with some meaning. Some good waves and finally a movie without 1000 air reverses. Refreshing
Nathan May 2015

The best movie around.
Kieran Apr 2017

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