Length / 22mins

Gathering is a short film from independent filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, the creator of the award winning left of centre surf films Lines From a Poem, Seaworthy and The Heart & The Sea. The film features the enigmatic and free-thinking Dave Rastovich at home in the sacred playgrounds of the Far North Coast of New South Wales. The film explores Rastovich’s ideas around how the tension between the industrial and the natural in the surfing world unfolds in that place. Ultimately, Gathering celebrates how diversity and difference in ecosystems, relationships and surfing contribute to the preciousness of life.
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Directed by

Nathan Oldfield

Produced by

Nathan Oldfield

Production company

Free Films

Cinematography by

Nathan Oldfield


Dave Rastovich and friends

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Soulful, creative, outstanding cinematography and world class surfing ! Thank you !
Aaron Nov 2015

What a joy to watch. Felt like I was surfing. Cheers.
Martin Sep 2016

AWESOME Film!!!!!
Sean Jun 2017

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