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Length / 21mins

Nate Tyler's been around for awhile now, and although you probably can't remember a single contest result in his dossier, his freesurfing video segments only get better and better, evident mostly in the Volcom movies. This is Nate's latest edit, this time via the hands of Victor Pakpour and coming in at a delightful 20 minutes. Spoiler alert: lots of slobs, liens and stalefishes here, but no mute grabs ('cause Nate's going left the whole time).
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Directed by

Victor Pakpour

Produced by

Victor Pakpour

Production company

A Vacation Club Production

Cinematography by

Victor Pakpour


Nate Tyler, Dion Agius, Owen Wright, Noah Wegrich, Chippa Wilson, Brendon Gibbens

Known for

Nate Tyler

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