Real Axe: West Oz

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Real Axe: West Oz

Length / 8mins

You already knew that Creed’s from West Oz, right? He’s a product of Margaret River: He knifes big North Point barrels, and he jumps big into windblown chunks. And both of those types of surfing feature heavily in this episode. “The waves are best in the West of Oz,” says Creed. “It gets props. It’s nowhere near as blown out as the East Coast because it’s not as big. But don’t bother going surfing in West Oz unless you’ve got a car. In the South West particularly it’s at least an hour’s drive between surf spots. I’ll wake up at 5:30 am and I won’t go surfing until 11am because I’ve lost myself to the road. Sure, there’s lots of options, but get a session under the belt. Now that I live in Byron, when I’m in WA I’ll go surfing as much as I can and don’t fuck around. Because I don’t live there anymore, I get excited surfing good waves. You’ll get that excitement when you travel to a new place, that’s the beauty of it.”
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Directed by

Toby Cregan

Production company


Cinematography by

Toby Cregan


Creed McTaggart

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