Real Axe: Japan

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Real Axe: Japan

Length / 10mins

It’s funny how surf destinations come in and out of fashion. We’ve long known that there’s quality waves in Japan, but this year it’s really become a vogue surf vacation for the surfer who likes a little culture chaser after their swill of surf. The latest REAL AXE episode follows Creed McTaggart, his WA protege Shaun Manners, pal Duncan McNicol and Japanese pro surfer/tour guide Kaito Ohashi from the karaoke bars of Tokyo to some of the tastiest river-mouth and point setups we’ve seen in Japan. Keeping in trend with the rest of the series, the boys fill the void between the surfing with maximum local cultural vibes and generally have an epic time. Oh to be young and payed to have fun. REAL AXE Japan, domo arigato.
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Directed by

Toby Cregan

Production company


Cinematography by

Toby Cregan


Creed McTaggart

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