Stab in the dark: Stamps

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Stab in the dark: Stamps

Length / 4mins

What if one of the best surfers in the world was to judge a surfboard only by its performance? With no preconceived notions about how a board performs because of its brand or shaper? Stab invited the best shapers in the world to each create a surfboard. It would be for a mystery world tour surfer who weighs 80kg and stands six feet tall. The board was to be supplied as a cleanskin. No markings. No stickers. No pencil on the stringer. Nothing identifiable. The shapers didn’t know the surfer. The surfer didn’t know the shapers. Stab’s secret test pilot arrived in Western Australia with carry-on luggage only. He was greeted with two boardbags full of brand new boards. Stab’s secret test pilot: “The ultimate surfboard gives you feedback. The moment you stand on them, you know. It tells you how it wants to be ridden. They allow you to create space to do whatever you want to do. You never have to rush. The perfect surfboard makes you feel like you’ve got all the time in the world.” – Julian Wilson
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Directed by

Sam McIntosh

Produced by

Damien Fahrenfort

Cinematography by

Toby Cregan, Jimmy Lees, Rick Jackovic (water footage)


Julian Wilson

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