Something to Ponder

Something to Ponder

Length / 31mins

'Something To Ponder' showcases all aspects of surfing compacted into one film, from heavy logs to fishes to hi-pro's, and everything in between. Often surfing below the radar on waves that rarely show up in mainstream media, Birdman decided to bring back some of the original surfers that were in 'Pictorial Perspective', while sprinkling in some new longboarding faces as well. Backed up by an electric sound track, Birdman sets the tone of the film with its raw cinematography combined with some of the best up and coming longboard surfers.
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Directed by

Taylor Larison

Production company

Birdman Media


Noah Shimabukuro, Mike Stidham, Josh Seemann, Noah Cardoza, Tommy Witt, Kaimana Takayama, Eric Snortum, Chris Cravey, Taylor Jensen, Ricky Cunningham, Pete Johnson, David Arganda, Sean Keany, Kurtis Woodin, and Blake Michaels.

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