Filmlyfe: Beren Hall

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Filmlyfe: Beren Hall

Length / 5mins

Welcome back to Filmlyfe, a series of journeys in which we swirl through time and space, and bathe in the blissful technicolor aesthetics that only an auteur can sling. The premise we’re rolling with? Men of the lens answer questions with visuals instead of words. It’s all motion. It’s a view into their souls. Beren Hall is one-part super manager to gents like Craig Anderson and Dion Agius, and one-part masterful lensman. You've seen his cinematography in Marine Layer Productions like Slow Dance and Globe productions like Strange Rumblings and way, way too many more to list here. Not only is he multitalented, but Bez is also one of the most well-liked personalities you'll come across in the surf industry. Anyhow, enough about character, we're here for a visual feast. Have just that in his Filmlyfe above! Stab truly insists
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