Filmlyfe: Victor Pakpour

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Filmlyfe: Victor Pakpour

Length / 2mins

Welcome to Filmlyfe. We've been dropping Photolyfe pieces for a stretch now and thought it was time to bring a little extra sizzle. We're rolling with the same premise: Men of the lens answer questions for us with visuals instead of words. This time, however, it's all motion. Victor Pakpour came on the surf radar with Billabong’s Blow Up and, while he’s remained in surfing’s orbit ever since, he’s also made noise in the greater galaxy. From solo to large-scale production, Victor blends game as a director, editor and cinematographer real smoothly. His specialties are short films, documentaries and music videos, most notably of late directing Miami Horror’s Real Slow clip. There’s a real dream and nostalgia vibe to his work, as you’ll find here – it’s an aesthetic that’s easy to adore.
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