Filmlyfe: Jimmy Lees

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Filmlyfe: Jimmy Lees

Length / 3mins

Welcome back to Filmlyfe, a series of journeys in which we swirl through time and space, and bathe in the blissful technicolor aesthetics that only an auteur can sling. The premise we're rolling with? Men of the lens answer questions for us with visuals instead of words. It's all motion. It's a view into their souls. And today, we pinch Jimmy Lees under the microscope. Jimmy is the best childhood friend of Julian Wilson and now travels with his pal as personal filmer. While credit must be given to Jules for much of Jimmy's exposure, it is also worth knowing that Jimmy is an excellent capturer and manipulator of footage in his very own right. Most everything you've seen of Jules since the relaunch of his personal portal has been tuned by the hands of Jimmy. Throw in the fact that Jim's a very kind gent and gets his creative kicks from joints like Palace skate fam, well, this brief visual odyssey is very enjoyable.
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