Filmlyfe: Matt Kleiner

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Filmlyfe: Matt Kleiner

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Welcome back to Filmlyfe, a series of journeys in which we swirl through time and space, and bathe in the blissful technicolor aesthetics that only an auteur can sling. The premise we’re rolling with? Men of the lens answer questions for us with visuals instead of words. It’s all motion. It’s a view into their souls. When he was 15, Matt Kleiner and his brother would film each other surfing with their Dad’s camera. Matt would then edit it down with the vcr by hitting stop / play on the cam. From that point on, it was a whole lot of self-teaching. This is how one of our sport’s best cinematographers came our way. After a degree in marketing Matt quickly realised his head and heart were behind a viewfinder, so he bought a camera, computer, a bootleg copy of Final Cut Pro, some books about filmmaking and photographer, and never looked back. You know him from Way Of The Ocean: Australia and as the man who’s making Josh Kerr’s new film, which’ll come out this year. As if you weren’t already thrilled for that, the above episode should get you extra buttered…
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