Indo Style

Indo Style

Length / 73mins

Follow Some of the Worlds Best surfers on a epic journey through the Maldives, Philippines and Indonesia and learn the history and evolution of Asian Surfing. The sequel to the film “INDO” INDO Style is on a whole new level, from the clear waters of the Maldives, to the stunning beauty and culture of the Philippines and the Perfection of the waves in Indonesia, Sean Gilhooley captures the action from the land water and air in a way never seen before in Asia. Aside from the stunning images the film takes the viewer on a ride through the life of Rizal Tanjun and his Rise to fame, Luke Landrigan and his quest to explore the islands of the Philippines and a closer look into Bali Hindi Culture in Indonesia.
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Directed by

Sean Gilhooley

Produced by

Sean Gilhooley

Production company


Cinematography by

Sean Gilhooley


Gerry Lopez, Marlong Gerber, Rizal Tanjung, Rob Machado, Luke Landragan, Raditya Rondi, Pepen Hendrik, Shane Dorian, Tai Graham, Made Lana, Garut Widiarta and Many more.

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Brutal music and to many look at me get a sick wave moments
justin Jun 2016

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