You And Me

You And Me

Length / 87mins

Active and life loving David ‘Barney’ Miller was a passenger in a tragic car accident that left him a quadriplegic, unable to use his arms and legs ever again. As expected he enters a dark time in his life, but through the love and support of his family, friends (world surfing champion, Mick Fanning) and finding his soul mate, Kathryn ‘Kate’ Southwell, he takes on the impossible. He makes it his mission to kneel when he proposes to Kate, stand at the altar as they get married and dance with her as husband and wife.
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Directed by

Lorenzo DeCampos, Taylor Montemarano and Michael Lawrence

Produced by

Michael Lawrence and Shaylee Gomes

Production company

Garage Productions


Barney Miller, Kate Miller, Mick Fanning, Darren handley and more

Known for

The Incredible story of Barney and Kate Miller

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Awesome doco, determination, challenges and honesty wishing Barney and Kate all the best in the future.
Brodie Jul 2016

Makes you realise how petty your daily complaints are.... You are inspirational Barney and Kate
nicholas Jul 2016

Best doco I've watched to date, you two are amazing. Keep chasing your dreams. Big love!
Indianna Jul 2016

amazing - so inspirational!
kasey Jul 2016

best documentary ever - showed it to my Year 9 English class who are undertaking a documentary study - they were spellbound. I watched it 3 times in one day - once with my English class, next with my Philosophy class and then with family Well Done!
elizabeth Oct 2016

A really heartwarming documentary!
Caitlin Dec 2016

What a legendary pair of people, amazing doco, everyone should watch it
Cameron Jan 2017

Inspirational. Two weeks ago my dear friends son had a horrific accident which has left him with a severed spinal cord. I feel that there is so much hope for him for recovery. Thank you Barney and Kate for sharing your beautiful journey.
Diana Jan 2017

Barney and Kate are beyond inspirational, and true testimony to what we can be when we are loved and supported. I send them so much love and can't wait to see what the future holds for them.
Susie Apr 2017

A 10 score to Barney !
ELizabeth May 2017

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