South & Down

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South & Down

Length / 32mins

When a few buddies from the Northern Beaches of Sydney decided to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy weekend crowds and the comfort of their local beach break, they rallied together to discuss their options. They wanted to go somewhere that the waves were good, the crowds were minimal and location a little more on the adventurous side. After a little planning, scoping the map and swell charts, they found their next road trip destination. They would head deep south to Tasmania, a place they had heard whispers of incredible waves and breathtaking landscapes - but what they found would far exceed their expectations. After packing the cars with the appropriate gear and without the use of modern day technology, the boys relied solely on maps and local knowledge to move from place to place, chasing the waves and uncovering the raw beauty that is Australia. South And Down is a film about the ultimate Australian road trip, it'll encourage those with a little more adventure in their bones to pack the car and explore secluded, uncrowded line ups which still exist in Australia, if you are willing to search for them. Rekindle your passion for the surf road trip, pack your boards and come South And Down with Sean Tully and friends.
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Directed by

Sean Tully

Produced by

Sean Tully

Production company

Tullywood Films

Cinematography by

Sean Tully


George Rawlinson, Nate Jonhstone, Mal Riddle, Ben Nicholls, Nick Laub, Josh Yorke, Jack Gradon, Pete Lamb

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