Far North

Far North

Length / 40mins

Far Nørth is a 40 minute film which took Player five years to make, and the end result is Cinematic experience unlike any other. The movie takes the viewer on an epic journey that juxtaposes between the vast natural beauty of Winter in the North, and Ben’s drive to push the limitations of his body, mind and sport, offering a dramatic insight into how far an athlete is willing to go to try and be the best.
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Directed by

Todd Barnes, Ed Saltau, Ben Player

Produced by

Ben Player


Ben Player

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Super film sur le bodyboard ! Les images sont magnifique .. réalisation au top et Ben Player d'un niveau et d'une assurance exceptionnel . Bravo !
Corentin Jan 2017

Excellent stuff
Kevin Jan 2017

this film sets a new standard. thanks garage for screening it!
Walter Jan 2017

Can't wait to watch it!!! Bring it on
Thomas Jan 2017

when will it be available ?
julien Jan 2017

J'ai pris mon abonnement pour voir ce film, mais quand sort il?
Cantin Feb 2017

Release date????
Jay Feb 2017

A QUELLE HEURE!!!! J'ai pris un abonnement pour voir ce film et toujours rien!!!!
Hocquellet Feb 2017

Can't wait to see this.
Stephen Feb 2017

A quelle Heure!!!!!! On commence à perdre patience, une date peut être, réveillez vous les Kangourous!! On peut avoir une réponse, thank you Ben!
Cantin Mar 2017

Terrific film, bleak, powerful, dark, fitting soundscape, loved it.
Brian Mar 2017

Best footage and good crew of guys makes me miss Eire ,who cares what you ride !
Niall Mar 2017

Oh My God! Superb! Huge! Congrats.
Miguel Mar 2017

Amazing! You are a true blue Aussie legend Ben Player.
Stephen Mar 2017

this is beautiful
Duncan Mar 2017

Awesomely put together. Thanks for taking us on the adventure with you Ben. Keen to see some behind the scenes. Are there plans for a follow up video to this with rehab and the likes? Hope you're all well and back in the water again.
David Mar 2017

Stoke to see the film, incredibles images and amazing waves. BP legend bodyboarder!
Ferran Mar 2017

One of the best surf / bodyboarding films ever made i think. killed it
Nathan Apr 2017

sick!!! sooooo nice! congratzzz :)
hugo Apr 2017

reiss Apr 2017

amazing landscape and perfect ride. thx
hautot May 2017

Epic. BP you're a bloody legend mate
Brook May 2017

Unbelievable stuff. Ben is crazy for taking on those waves in that temperature in the middle of nowhere! Well done to the Coast Guard for getting him out too!
James May 2017

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