Free Surf Fever

Free Surf Fever

Length / 32mins

From multi-award-winning film-maker Josh Pomer, comes a powerful visual perspective encompassing the fever we all enjoy in free-surfing.



Directed by

Josh Pomer

Production company

Josh Pomer Films

Cinematography by

Josh Pomer


Gabriel Medina, Kelly Slater, Jordy Smith, Timmy Curren, Dane Reynolds, Tom Curren, Brother Andino, Brett Simpson, Kilian Garland, James Kelly, Steph Tyler, Johnny Craft, Jordy James, Brandon Smith, Peter Mussio, Matt Mccabe, Cory Arrambide, Anthony Ruffo, Osh Bartlett AKA Froggy Style, Ian crane, Gudauskas Brothers (All of them).

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