Tube Tales

Tube Tales

Length / 35mins

From multi-award-winning film-maker Josh Pomer, comes a wonderful look at tube riding, and the many barrels out there.



Directed by

Josh Pomer

Produced by

Post Modern Surfer

Production company

Postmodern Surfer

Cinematography by

Josh Pomer


Kilian Garland, Jaime O'Brien, Dane Reynolds, Bud Frietas, Henry Mills, Bummy, Kelly Slater, Timmy Curran, Matt Mccabe, Bobby Martinez, Tom Curren, Nathan Fletcher, John John Florence, Josh Bradburry, Jesse Colombo, Nathaniel Curren, Yadin Nicol, Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow, CJ Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, Bruce Irons, Chris Ward, Derek Dunfee, Ozzie Wright, Pancho Sullivan, Punker Pat, Keith Malloy, Shane Dorian, Chris Brown, Gabe Venturelli.

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