Never Fade Away

Never Fade Away

Length / 46mins

Shot on location in Hawaii, Samoa, Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Oz and West Oz. Approximately 1 and a half years in the making.



Directed by

Marcus England

Produced by

Marcus England

Production company

Image Filmz

Cinematography by

Marcus England


Ben Player, Toby Player, Chris James, Michael Novy, Ewan Donnachie, Glen Thurston, Joe Clarke, Thomas Robinson, Alex Bunting, Jordan Putland, Jase Finlay, Pierre Louis Costes, Harry Sarrin, Jared Houston, Ewan Donnachie, Corey Maclean, Joe Clarke, Tom Smith, Damian King, Scott Rigby, Tom Rigby, Eric Roy, Thorpe Waleuw, Thomas Robinson, Davis Blackwell, Damian Martin, Rob Laurie, Matt Young, Russ Quinn, Eric Medcalf, Nick Gornall, Boden Hay, Jimmy Williamson, Eli Beach, Luke Oconnor, George Humphries, Casey Redden, Nic Rubesame, Lachie Cramsie, Sam Strachan, Chris Wilson, Liam Tomkins, Jacob Hein, Clinton Kettlewell, Doug Smith and many more.

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Love it. Great footage and music.
Stephen Mar 2017

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