Liquid Aloha

Liquid Aloha

Length / 35mins

Liquid Aloha was filmed on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. It features the worlds best bodyboarders as they push the limits of their craft amongst the heaviest & most feared surf breaks in the world, including the Banzai Pipeline & the Waimea Shorebreak. Liquid Aloha documents the up & down moments experienced, while spending 2 months chasing waves along the most active & interesting coastlines on earth. Nose bleeds, 20ft swell lines with Beautiful women walking around half naked. Beers in hand, spitting banzai pipeline, heavy locals taming the crowds. Acia bowls, peanut buttercups & the best waves of your life, welcome to Liquid Aloha.
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Directed by

Todd Barnes

Produced by

Todd Barnes

Production company

Bones Films

Cinematography by

Todd Barnes, Tyge Landa


Nick Gornall, Andre Botha, George Humphrey, Pierre Louis Costes, Lachlan Cramsie, Ben Player, Lewy Finnegan, Tanner Mcdaniel, Marley Dunn, Shaun Pyne, Ryan Sewell, Diego Cabrera, Amuary Laverhne, Ryan Hardy, Jared Housten, Josh Garner, Jeff Hubbard, Dave Winchester, Guilherme Tamega, Dave Hubbard, Ian Campbell, Davis Blackwell

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