One Shot - An Image And An Attitude

One Shot - An Image And An Attitude

Length / 31mins

Russell Ord wakes one morning in Margaret River, looks over the photos he’s spent a large part of his life capturing and is filled with an overpowering sense of dissatisfaction. The shots are good and have graced the covers of surfing magazines worldwide, but deep down Ord knows he didn’t walk away from a secure career as a fire fighter to just take “good” shots. He wants to go to bed at night knowing he’s taken that “one” shot, the one he'll remember not because of the surfer's name or reputation, but for the position he had to be in to capture it. Just down the coast is a thick, evil, brute of a wave he knows will deliver the opportunity to capture just that. But as a loving husband with three kids it’s not lost on him that the end goal, and that drive to have ‘his moment', isn’t going to come without sacrifice.
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Directed by

Darren McCagh

Produced by

Darren McCagh

Production company

Farmhouse Films


Russell Ord, Catherine Ord, Sean Doherty, Luke Kennedy, Jacob Trette, Nick Carroll, Brian Bielmann, Dan Ross, Mark Mathews

Known for

Iconic surf photography

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