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I don't know if a small paragraph is enough room to describe the 70 hours of HD footage we painstakingly condensed into one action-packed hour of powder-filled backcountry skiing. Down to business: We spent last winter breaking trail with some of the top telemark skiers in the world. Our goal? To try and capture the joy and freedom that is powder skiing - and bring that vision to you. After five years of putting together films we are still unable to do justice to this amazing activity, but we feel it's our closest effort yet. Enjoy!


Directed by

Jonah Howell

Production company

Powderwhore Productions

Cinematography by

Jonah Howell, Andy Jackobsen, Noah Howell, Andy Rosenberg


Andy Jacobsen, Andy Rosenberg, Jonah Howell, JT Robinson, Dylan Crossman, William Cardamone, Megan Michelson, Nick DeVore, Dede Omara, Chris Erickson, Noah Howell, Ty Dayberry, Paul Kimbrough, Paige Brady, Jake Sakson, Sam Cox, Eben Mond, Colin MacMillan, & Sydney Fuller.