WILD RACERS  - Tasmania ep 1

WILD RACERS - Tasmania ep 1

Length / 22mins

The first of 24 episodes, that takes viewers on journey into the ultimate feat of endurance within the Adventure Racing World Series. Episode one lands us on the shores of Burnie, Tasmania where we meet the teams, explore the host city and reveal the epic course that lies ahead. Teams only receive the course briefing 24hrs prior to the start – they must then prepare all the supplies for the days of racing ahead – once sealed in the registered boxes the next time they get to specific supplies are at designated transition areas. From here they are on their own. The Start – Ocean Kayak on Bass Straight 17km (Already leading teams begin edging out a lead. Leg 2 Trek and Shooting 20km– Teams exit the frigid waters and transition to dry clothes and hit the first mountain trek with a stop along the way for skeet shooting (First time penalties are incurred). Leg 3 Mountain Biking 20km – A short but arduous MTB towards an exhilarating Caving leg, this stage is anything but flat and the teams spread our as suffering begins.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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