WILD RACERS  - Tasmania ep 2

WILD RACERS - Tasmania ep 2

Length / 22mins

The first 24hours of any Adventure Challenge on the World Stage is the toughest, lead teams push hard to open gaps that they feel will be hard to close down over the coming days. As they say when its go time … suffer. Leg 4 Caving 1km – A challenging stage as teams face confined spaces and darkness as the navigate to find crucial check-points and move on to the next stage. Leg 5 Mountain Biking 50km – As nigh time falls teams face extreme grades and challenging navigation along this leg. Then Tasmania unleashes its first challenge – mud and loads of it. Brutal on tiring limbs. Most teams will not sleep for the first 48 hours. Leg 6 Trek 60km – Ok, now we get into the semi tough stuff. A brutal wilderness trek with no trails over one and a half marathons in length. Throw in Snow, Wet and darkness – this becomes a race of survival. A test of endurance beyond imagination. Leg 7 Kayak 8km – A short kayak, hardly – teams hypothermic, in frigid waters along Lake Macintosh …. This pushes the absolute limits of human endurance – and we are not even half way. The day ends with teams now fighting the dreaded hallucinations they call Sleep Monsters as they head off into the night and the next series of challenges.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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