WILD RACERS  - Tasmania ep 3

WILD RACERS - Tasmania ep 3

Length / 22mins

We start by exploring the phenomenon of Sleep Monsters and discover there are more psychological challenges than physical challenges at this point. From here we re-join the teams on Lake Macintosh as they continue their journey towards the half way point of the adventure. Leg 8 Kayak 20km – The water journey continues – some teams get daylight and others face another long night on the water. Tough they are met with a brutal 11km portage of their kayaks that split up the legs – punishing on the mind and the body. Leg 9 Mountain Bike 105km – At the transition area in Tullah teams once again struggle to get dry clothes and sustenance for the epic mountain bike that lies ahead. Some get a few minutes (literally) sleep and other just continue on into the night. Navigating in cold, wet and darkness is extremely challenging. Even for the lead teams. Then there is the mud. AT mid-camp in Strahn teams are paced with a mandatory 8hr sleep so given many have yet to sleep in 48hrs it is a welcome relief … though things are about to start getting serious. Leg 10 Trek 65km – A monstrous trek now faces the teams, along wind battered shores of the North West with little or no navigation features before heading over a number of brutally hard sand dunes and summit placed checkpoints. Before the next transition the course is taking its toll and teams begin to falter and collapse.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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