WILD RACERS  - Tasmania ep 4

WILD RACERS - Tasmania ep 4

Length / 22mins

For the teams this race has become an exercise in survival as they complete the marathon breaking trek and face more punishment. Tensions are stretched and the body and mind now reach new levels. Tis is an adventure of epic proportions with still a long way to go and Tasmania’s wilderness is not finished with them yet. Leg 11 Mountain Bike 150km – One of the most brutal and arduous bike legs of the race taking teams through tome extreme conditions and brutal hills and mud. Leg 12 Kayak/Hike 87km – On completion of the mountain leg the teams are treated to one of the most spectacular river systems on the planet – in the Tarkine Wilderness region, where old growth forest and untamed nature cross their path. Kayaking sections and then being forged to tramp through forests to reach checkpoints costs some lead teams precious times and the lead now dramatically changes.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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