WILD RACERS  - Ecuador - ep 6

WILD RACERS - Ecuador - ep 6

Length / 22mins

The first 24hours of any Adventure Challenge on the World Stage is the most brutal, lead teams work hard to open a lead that they feel will be hard to close down over the coming days. As they say when its go time … suffer. Leg 1 Mountain Biking 27km – From the outset teams are faced with massive elevation gains and extremely steep grades. This is an epic start that takes the athletes well up into the clouds with some already feeling the strain. Leg 2 Trek/Canyon 20km – After hours of suffering on the Mountain Bikes our teams now face a brutal trek through the fabled Iliniza Mountains. This leg leaves no room for error or respite as teams head upwards non stop towards 5000mtrs where oxygen levels are under half of those at sea level. We see some of the lead teams struggling under the strain. Following on from the high altitudes the low cloud creates major concerns for navigation with world-class athletes forced to make crucial decisions. Given the extreme duration of this leg teams will be forced to endure even more debilitating conditions with snow then turning to misty rain. On finally emerging from the mist the technical rope and canyon section now makes the athletes wet and even colder as they push towards the end of this brutal day.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothin But Shorts International

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