WILD RACERS  - New Zealand - ep 9

WILD RACERS - New Zealand - ep 9

Length / 22mins

New Zealand comprises episodes 9 to 12 of Wild Racers series, that takes viewers on journey into the ultimate feat of endurance within the Adventure Racing World Series. Episode one lands us on the shores of Queenstown, New Zealand. The home of the Lord of the Rings saga’s is a fitting place to send our adventurers on a path through one of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. The Teams – From the outset we are introduced to some of the most stunning and awe inspiring landscapes on earth. This is a true adventurers playground with open wind swept vistas and craggy impassable mountain ranges. Our teams make up some of the most experienced and inexperienced racers ever to gather for such an epic even. Exploring Queenstown & Familiarisation– Having such a diverse landscape we introduce the athletes to the viewers as well as taking them on a warm up for their journey ahead. Experiencing such an environment allows local and international teams alike to get a small taste of what will be required from them over the coming days. Travel with them through some truly majestic scenery whilst they test their equipment as well as their minds, whilst also checking out one another’s form. Race Registration and the Journey to the Start – As a ploy to keep the teams on edge they only receive their race maps and course notes en-route to the most prehistoric of locations for the beginning of this adventure. Milford Sound is a very daunting location let alone for a twilight start with towering glacial cliffs and misty rain adding to the mystique.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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