WILD RACERS  - New Zealand - ep 11

WILD RACERS - New Zealand - ep 11

Length / 22mins

Following on from a staggering day adventure, our teams now widely spread as a result of a blistering pace from the local New Zealand teams, face a formidable challenge. Dropping temperatures, gale force winds and extreme navigation all culminate in a truly epic journey. For those that seek adventure there is reward. For others there is just one option, survival. Leg 4 Trek 54km – The next 54km is like back to back marathons for out teams. The challenge of navigating through this brutalised landscape brings a turning point in the race. Some of the most experienced adventurers in the world face a significant challenge whilst those less experienced face a battle of survival to see out the night. Add to the mix the lack of sleep and pitch black conditions, this is adventure racing at its toughest. Leg 5 Mountain Bike 81km – Having battled through the long and arduous trek teams now face an 81km Mountain Bike that follows some of the most undulating topography in the region. Despite the cold and perpetual grades our teams begin to fight tooth and nail for positions with some finding limits never thoughts possible. Leg 6 Trek 48 km – With a phenomenal 48km trek ahead our teams now begin to face their own personal demons. The conditions, extended time between transitions and severe sleep deprivation are now taking a toll. Body’s are stretched to breaking point and characters are being tested. This is the most crucial part of the race with staggering changes to the leader board.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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