WILD RACERS  - Costa Rica - ep 13

WILD RACERS - Costa Rica - ep 13

Length / 22mins

Costa Rica comprises episodes 13 to 16 of Wild Racers series, that takes viewers on a journey into the ultimate feat of endurance within the Adventure Racing World Series. Episode one lands us on the shores of Puntarenas, Costa Rica a tropical haven with an equatorial climate to welcome our adventurers. For the first time teams will be challenged by extreme humidity and heat, countless hours of paddling massive tidal flows and the challenge of dehydration. All this coupled with no sleep and the relentless pursuit to finish will prove too much for many though there are always those that rise to the top. The Teams – As a warm welcome to the Costa Rican environment we meet the teams as they prepare for the up coming adventure. Acclimatising to the heat is as important as to altitude given the body requires adaptation to race conditions. From the tropical coast to deep within the rainforests the adventure competitors witness first hand what they will face over the coming days. For many it is harder than expected leaving more than some wondering if they have taken on to great a challenge. Registration and Preparations – With a taste of the landscape and climatic conditions the teams receive the all important race maps and logistic details. From here they make crucial decisions that have a bearing on the race overall. Have the right preparations been made, have the teams brought the suitable equipment and have they accounted for the excessive volume of water they will need to carry? Pre-Race and The Start – In preparation for the start all our athletes raring to go get sent on a nervous detour through the town to uncover key clues that will assist them on the journey ahead. Then its go time, anxiety builds and tensions grow …. all that remains is the starters pistol.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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