WILD RACERS  - Costa Rica - ep 14

WILD RACERS - Costa Rica - ep 14

Length / 22mins

The first 24hours of any Adventure Challenge on the World Stage is the toughest, though in debilitating humidity and relentless sun, lead teams push hard to open gaps that they feel will be hard to close down over the coming days. As they say when its go time … suffer and keep suffering. Leg 1 Kayak 8km – Following an early plunge into the ocean, teams hit the water proper with a short and fast 8km Kayak that leads to a now deserted Island Prison. Even though this is a short and early part of the race, lead teams are wasting no time and open up a critical lead. Leg 2 Trek 11km – For many of the international teams a beach landing by kayak is a tricky task, whilst for others it’s like a sprint. Some tricky navigation also gives our adventurers some complex choices that could either save or loose them considerable time. One thing is for certain, the heat is taking its toll already and we have only just begun. Leg 3 Kayak 15km – After a harsh bash trough dry and torrid terrain, heading out to sea once again for a 15km kayak sounds like a reprieve. Though think again as the water only aids in magnifying the suns rays and the strong current running against the teams makes this journey turn on its head. A journey has just become and expedition. Leg 4 Trek 72km – Already dehydrated and suffering mild exposure our teams now face a dramatic 72km trek through Costa Rica’s thick jungle. Almost a double marathon in this depleted state could decimate the field and what seemed like an opportunity to seek shelter from the sun has already got many questioning their early tactics. As they head towards the cooler conditions of nightfall many of our teams are in a battle just to survive.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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