WILD RACERS  - Costa Rica - ep 15

WILD RACERS - Costa Rica - ep 15

Length / 22mins

Heading ever forward and following on from a brutal first day and night of racing our teams emerge from the jungle battered and bruised though in the true spirit of adventure push tirelessly onwards into the abyss. Leg 5 Kayak 43km – The course has taken an early toll as many were not expecting conditions to have such an impact so soon. Our lead teams are seemingly able to suffer beyond normality and have extended their lead against all odds, an epic is unfolding, as the tides are quite literally about to change. Leg 6 Mountain Bike 138km – Ahead is one of the most challenging legs of the journey. A monumental 138km Mountain bike ride over some of the steepest terrain in Costa Rica with searing heat and dust added for good measure. This challenge may be beyond some and what should be a menial task literally becomes a true test of endurance. Leg 7 Mountain Bike 50km – A short transition allows the teams to re-stock crucial supplies and the mountains continue with 50km by bike. Temperatures rise and fatigue sets in fast, some drop by the wayside as others are triumphing out of adversity. Leg 8 Trek 21km – Finally off two wheels with bodies tortured under these impossible conditions the half marathon trek awaits. Pushing hard teams now begin to settle into a rhythm and start fighting for positions with some very surprising results and even more surprising failures.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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