WILD RACERS  - South Africa - ep 19

WILD RACERS - South Africa - ep 19

Length / 22mins

Our lead teams now push so hard that they lead by an entire leg, though it remains to be seen if they have pushed to hard to soon. There is a great deal to be said about working within ones limits as using up vital reserves early can have devastating effects in the latter stages. Leg 6 Kayak 23km – Following on from the first hard competitive night without sleep our teams come face to face with the usual and dreaded sleep monsters, with others finding a pace that allows for a more consistent level of fatigue. Together with the incoming tides all our teams find the going tougher than expected. Leg 7 Mountain Bike 60km – Teams now exchanges the rolling ocean for relentless rolling hills and the transition from kayak to mountain bike for most is more brutal than anticipated. Coupled with the high temperatures and low humidity and no sleep this race so early on starts to take shape. As teams now face their second night without sleep in the pursuit of adventure we start to see the true nature of human spirit. Leg 8 Trek 5km + 70mtr Abseil – With just over a third of the journey completed teams now face the technical challenge of a 70mtr abseil of an abandoned railway bridge, though first needing to accomplish a dangerous traverse. It forces many to confront their own inner demons whilst others struggle under the relentless African heat. From here it’s a brutal trek up a dense and impenetrable canyon. Leg 9 Mountain Bike 67km – We join our lead teams as they ride through some very remote and spectacular wilderness trails towards the mid-way point of the adventure whilst experience all that South Africa has to offer along the way. With a new day come new hopes and many new challenges. Further back our chasing teams face another long night on the course.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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