WILD RACERS  - South Africa - ep 20

WILD RACERS - South Africa - ep 20

Length / 22mins

For some the race has now become extremely tough. Finding ones limits is in itself a journey, so once put up against the challenges of racing under such conditions it is truly a real life drama. With then end in sight teams are now forced to endure some of the longest legs so far. Leg 10 Mountain Bike 128km – Teams now head to the remote Transkei region where they are greeted by wonderful open vistas and delightful villages. All work towards lessening the mental strain the teams are facing on one of the longest legs of the race. Leg 11 Kayak 15km – With little respite the teams face what they believe is a very short and easy kayak though with the falling tide the mud is almost debilitating causing many to loose valuable time. This distraction brings many teams within striking range and the competition hots up. Leg 12 Trek 63km – With just under a marathon and a half of trekking ahead our teams now struggling to walk and bodies shattered must gain the mental fortitude to push through all conceivable pain barriers and aim for the finish. The race is not over until its over with all still harbouring hopes of a podium finish. Leg 13 Mountain Bike 13km – In the dark of night our teams face the final but brutal mountain bike to the end, with many finishing in the blistering heat the following day. It is a time for celebration and reflection on the monumental achievement that all who take part in this race can now feel. Recovery will be long but sweet. Following this epic adventure, for the first time all the teams that started completed the course. It is not only a credit to the athletes but to the ability of teams to support one another till the end. This is Wild Racers and many will return next time. Stop number two on the adventure highway is Interlaken Switzerland. … Stay tuned.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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