WILD RACERS  - Switzerland - ep 21

WILD RACERS - Switzerland - ep 21

Length / 22mins

Switzerland comprises episodes 20 to 24 of the Wild Racers series that takes viewers on a journey into the ultimate feat of endurance within the Adventure Racing World Series. Episode one finds its way into the exquisite alpine village of Interlaken. This is the first time that our athletes face up to the sheer size of the natural landscape. From the mythical Eiger through to the pristine alpine lakes it is truly a staggering environment in which to test ones endurance and capacity to survive the elements, all whilst attempting the most challenging race series on the planet. The Teams – Our teams are introduced to the lower alps where they prepare both their bodies and their minds for the challenges ahead. It all becomes very clear that from the outset this is a daunting prospect with flat terrain a rarity. Some hike, some bike and others simply get to the training at hand realising that if their preparations have been adequate they will arrive at the start with a slight chance at best of succeeding. Registration and Preparations – Following on from the first days of acclimatisation the teams are presented with the maps and course that lies ahead. For most this is a monumental challenge with fewer disciplines than expected though extraordinary distances to cover with massive elevation gains. They look on in stunned silence. Pre-Race and The Start – A subdued field take the long train ride to the start. It gives much time to visualise the race ahead and also a first had look at the sheer size of the Alps. Very much like the plane ride slowly gaining elevation before a skydive, we head through the clouds, high upon a small peak, the stage is set. This is a formidable location to start Wild Racers Switzerland.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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