WILD RACERS  - Switzerland - ep 23

WILD RACERS - Switzerland - ep 23

Length / 22mins

Our lead teams have formed a forward charge so open gaps on the chasers. Though what lies ahead will break this lead group apart and create more of an expedition than a race. Never before have conditions been so hard so fast. Leg 3 Trek 3km – Finally off the water our teams now take a short but energy-sapping 3km sprint to the next mountain bike leg. Just enough time for the fatigued water soaked feet to be brutalised by the hard running surface. It is quickly becoming a battle of mind over body. Leg 4 Mountain Bike 83km – For many the thought of a mountain bike leg of 83km would be a relatively easy challenge. Think again, as with the Swiss Alps awaiting our field faces extreme elevation gains, daunting grades and very changeable weather. Add to this zero sleep and little food and you have a perfect mix for the ultimate form of fatigue. The resilience of our Wild Racers means they will fight even harder to make up lost time and gain valuable positions. Leg 5 Kayak 25km – Now facing another long and arduous kayak our teams struggle to stay awake under the smooth motion that kayaking brings. As the weather turns and the alpine sleet beckons, have some of our teams gone beyond their limits, or is this where the true race begins. Very few have the mental tenacity or strength to absorb their astonishing surrounds so push relentlessly forward toward the finish.
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Directed by

Anthony Gordon

Production company

Nothing But Shorts International

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