Pol: Part Of Life

Volcom presents POL (Part of Life), a documentary film that offers a glimpse into Indonesia’s skateboarding scene, and tells the remarkable life stories of Indra ‘Kubon’ Leonardo, Rino Herman, and Mario Palandeng - some of the best skaterboarders in Indonesia.

Indra ‘Kubon’ Leonardo is one of the most influential skaters in Indonesia. A true showman and style icon, Indra left home at the age of 15 to move to Bali and entered into a world without authority. For years he lived like a rockstar, feeding on a diet of skate, sex, drugs and alcohol. Mario Palandeng was Indra Kubon’s younger neighbour, and by watching Indra skate Mario quickly picked it up. By the age of 10 Mario was sponsored by Volcom, making him the youngest sponsored skateboarder in Indonesia.
Their stories are a world apart from Rino Herman, who was brought up in a small village in Padang, West Sumatra, and had to make plenty of sacrifices to pursue his dream of becoming a sponsored skater.

POL is not about skateboarding. It is about what it means to be young and free in such a diverse country like Indonesia. And it is about what it is to be a sponsored skater and most of all a human being.

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